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About me & this site

I got into journalism at a really exciting time.

In the last year, we’ve seen Buzzfeed — the “17 ways to murder your free time” website — hire a Pulitzer-prize winning editor from ProPublica to head its new investigative unit. Established journalists like Ezra Klein and Nate Silver have left flagship publications to strike out on their own ventures, signaling a rise in a sort of personal-brand journalism. In San Diego, I’ve been lucky enough to take part in an innovative collaboration between a small nonprofit investigative organization and a PBS/NPR affiliate station.

It works like this — we, the investigative journalists, craft the stories for web, radio and TV. The affiliate station broadcasts those stories to millions of listeners and viewers. It works quite nicely.

Within this framework, I’ve come to wear many hats. At the nonprofit — called inewsource — I work as a reporter, photographer, editor, producer, web designer, social media manager and coffee drinker. Due in large part to our executive editor’s knack for trying new things, we’ve started poking holes in the boundaries of expectation — what readers expect to get from stagnant news websites, what listeners expect to hear from antiquated radio stories, and what viewers expect to see from TV packages.

And it’s working.

But back to the hats. As someone who was by no means an expert at web design, social media, or producing when coming into this job, I had to learn a lot very quickly. I’ve created this website because I feel it’s selfish not to pass that knowledge forward to others who may be in a similar position. Whether you’re an innovator at a small startup, a budding web designer for a company, or even an aspiring journalist, I hope you find the tips and scraps of information on this site useful in some way.

Any questions or concerns, please email me at