Brad Racino

I’m an investigative reporter, videographer, editor, producer and web designer at inewsource in San Diego.

inewsource is an independent nonprofit in San Diego partnered with the local PBS/NPR affiliate station called KPBS. inewsource‘s mission is to shine light on government actions, account for public spending and prompt intelligent discussions that lead to informed decisions. Its unique strength lies in the intersection of journalism and technology.

As a reporter, I’ve covered both local and national issues ranging from imported food safety and international maritime commerce to local politics and transportation. My stories have been published and broadcast in all mediums and have won more than 20 journalism awards since 2012 — most notably, a 2013 IRE award for an investigation into San Diego’s North County Transit District.

Before joining inewsource, I worked as a reporter and database analyst for News21; as a photographer, videographer and reporter for the Columbia Missourian; and as a videographer and editor for Verizon Fios1 TV in New York.

I received a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri in 2012.