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Brad Racino

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Brad Racino is an investigative reporter and visual storyteller based in New York City.

Brad specializes in in-depth reporting, investigations, video and audio productions and web design. He writes, films, edits and produces packages for web, TV and radio on a variety of topics that have included government corruption, transportation, health, trade and surveillance.

Since 2013, Brad has won dozens of national and local awards, including two Investigative Reporters and Editors awards, the Columbia Journalism School’s Meyer “Mike” Berger award, a national Emmy Award nomination, two Edward R. Murrow awards, a national Association of Health Care Journalists award and more than 25 Society of Professional Journalists and Press Club awards, including Best in Show, investigative reporting category sweeps and the Sol Price Award for Responsible Journalism.

His work has appeared on inewsource.org, KPBS, The Washington Post, PBS NewsHour, Buzzfeed, The Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, Fronteras, MSNBCNews.com, News21 and several local television stations.

Recent Work

For more than a year, inewsource has been investigating Cory Briggs, a well-known San Diego environmental and public-interest lawyer who has made a name for himself suing government agencies and developers under the California Environmental Quality Act.

Thousands of pages of land records, environmental impact reports, invoices and contracts led to highly questionable transactions, potential conflicts of interest and a web of nonprofit shell organizations. The ongoing investigation — now more than 20 stories — quickly prompted action by the San Diego City Attorney and resulted in taxpayer reimbursement.

As a result, one of the attorney’s nonprofits sued inewsource over its lease terms with San Diego State University. A judge ruled in favor of inewsource‘s anti-SLAPP motion and the ruling was covered by local and national news outlets in September.

The investigation into the attorney is still ongoing. See the entire series here.

Brad Racino is the lead reporter, videographer and producer on this project.

More than 4,000 people are on life support in California nursing homes. They live on special wards called subacute units, but among some doctors these places are known as “vent farms,” shorthand for the ventilators that keep so many of the residents breathing.

Two inewsource reporters gained unprecedented access to one of these units to chronicle daily life for residents and their families. The resulting mini-documentary was nominated for a national Emmy Award and won the prestigious Columbia School of Journalism’s Meyer “Mike” Berger award, along with several other national and local awards.

See the entire series here.

Brad Racino shot, edited and co-produced the documentary and vignettes featured throughout the story.

San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn has been in office for nearly 20 years and won his sixth term as Supervisor in June 2014.

This inewsource investigation into his past discovered a charity, called the “Basic Faith Foundation,” Horn ran for nearly 30 years — one he openly described as being a tax-shelter for real estate transactions.

inewsource interviewed five experts in nonprofit tax law — some nationally recognized leaders in the industry — and all agreed: the way Horn ran his ‘charity’ violated both state and federal laws, civilly and possibly criminally.

See the entire series here.

Brad Racino was the reporter, photographer and producer for this project.

San Diego’s North County Transit District is funded by millions of dollars of taxpayer money, overseen by elected officials from within the county, regulated by state and federal agencies and ultimately accountable to the people of San Diego. It recently turned over the majority of its operations to private companies.

Over the past year, inewsource has explored the district from the inside and out, speaking with transit executives, contractors, auditors, federal agencies, everyday riders and dozens of current and former district employees. The resulting series sparked several changes inside the agency and resulted in a 2013 medal from the national Investigative Reporters and Editors organization.

See the entire series here.

Brad Racino is the reporter, photographer and producer for this project.

In 2013, news broke in San Diego about a mysterious foreign national bent on influencing local politics by illegally funneling money to political campaigns through a retired San Diego police detective and an undisclosed “straw donor.” Politicians on the receiving end of the tainted funds scrambled to distance themselves from the scandal.

inewsource broadcast a how-to guide for unraveling the scandal. The feature radio spot won the San Diego Press Club’s “Best in Show” award for the year.

Brad Racino wrote, produced and edited this story.